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HAD Building

Havering Association for People with Disabilities (H.A.D) provide a broad range of services and activities for People with Disabilities and Carers in the London Borough of Havering with the object of improving their quality of life, promote independence and meet their physical, emotional and recreational needs.


We are based in an accessible building with parking available at the front of the building, an accessible training room and hall which means we are able to facilitate a wide range of activities as well as clubs and other groups.   We also have a beautiful garden which along with our other facilities are available for hire.

Our Vision

 “To enable and inspire people with disabilities and those that support them to lead fulfilled inclusive lives with dignity and respect.”

Our Mission

 “To improve the quality of life and provide opportunities for people with disabilities and those that support them by encouraging their active participation in their community. To provide them with a voice, choices and control over their lives”

Our Values  ‘WE CARE’

Welcoming: HAD is committed to creating a culture of warmth and belonging, where everyone is welcome;

Enabling: HAD is committed to the participation, involvement and development of all beneficiaries, staff, trustees and volunteers;

Caring: HAD is committed to treating everyone we come into contact with as an individual and with care;

Anti-Discriminatory: HAD is committed to treating people equally and opposes discrimination in all circumstances;

Respect: HAD is committed to promoting respect, honesty and integrity in dealings with its beneficiaries, staff, trustees and volunteers as well as its partner organisations and the public;

Empathy: HAD is committed to an approach that focuses on an individual’s need.

 Email: admin@hadhavering.co.uk

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