Our Charity

H.A.D. are a local independent charity which exists to provide assistance to meet the physical, emotional and recreational needs of people with physical and sensory disabilities and carers over the age of 18 years,  within an inclusive, friendly and supportive environment. We provide people a wide range of activities, facilities and services of their choice in line with personalisation to enable them to lead more satisfying and independent lives and we seek to empower people by providing them with useful information or by referring them to appropriate sources of help.

We work in partnership with a range of statutory and voluntary organisations for the benefit of people living in the London Borough of Havering.


To enable People with Disabilities and their Carers to lead fulfilled inclusive lives with dignity and respect.


To provide high quality information, advice and activities to People with Disabilities and their Carers. To enable them to have as voice, make choices and control their lives.


H.A.D. is governed by a Board of Trustees who meet regularly and are responsible for setting the strategic direction of the Association and establishing policy. Trustees are elected at the Annual General Meetings of H.A.D.


H.A.D. holds open meetings with guest speakers on the first Thursday of the month except January and August at Whittaker Hall starting at 1.30pm. Refreshments provided.


Membership of the Association comprises organisations and individuals who support the aims of the Association.  Organisations can become members at a cost of £5 and individuals may become a member at a cost of £1 this gives them voting rights at meetings of the Association.